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  • Here we give a chronological description of events that happened in the history of this parish.
  • We grew from Knanaya Catholic Mission to a forane.
  • We acknowledge all those who worked to make this a reality.
  • We specially thank the bishops, priests, and lay leaders who contributed much for this parish.

1994 November 27
Fr. Joseph Meledath came to Houston to take care of pastoral needs of the Knanaya community in Houston and Dallas.
1998 September 1
Fr. Joseph Manappurath was appointed as the mission director.
2003 October 29
Mar Jacob Angadiath officially recognized this mission as part of the diocese.
2007 January 1
Mar Jacob Angadiath appointed Fr. James Cheruvil as the director of the mission.
2010 December 28
Fr. Jose Illikunnumpurath was appointed as the mission director.
2011 August 25
Purchase of a newly constructed church from a Baptist community.
2011 November 5
Mar Jacob Angadiath along with Mar Mathew Moolakkatt and Mar Joseph Pandarasseril consecrated the church. Mar Angadiath elevated this mission as a parish.
2013 May 6
Fr. Mathew Meledath was appointed as the pastor.
2014 October 18
Fr. Saji Pinarkayil started serving as the pastor of this parish.
2015 February 18
Mar Jacob Angadiath elevated the parish as a Forane church.
2015 March 15
Auxiliary Bishop Mar Joy Alappatt inaugurated the forane.
2017 August 5
Start of St. Joseph’s Convent in Houston.
2018 May 1
Fr. Suni Padijarekkara was appointed as pastor of the parish.
2018 November 7-9
Knanaya Region pre-marriage course held in Houston.
2023 September 15
Fr. Abraham Mutholath took charge as the pastor of the parish.
Contact Information

Rev. Fr. Abraham Mutholath 773-412-6254

Rev. Fr. Joseph Thachara 832-274-5972

COORDINATOR: Jassim  (Jayachan) Thayilputhenpurayil
Shajumon Mukalel  832-497-6656
Babu Abraham Parayamkalayil 832-971-0907
Joppan Poovappadath 281-912-4150

COORDINATOR: Simon Ellankiyil 281-499-5573
Biby Thekkanatt 248-974-5100
Thomas Kanichattumthara 786-216-2938
Mathew Thekkethil 832-661-6305

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Office Secretaries:
Stephen Edattukunnel 832-277-2153
Sr. Joicy SJC 832-679-3724

DRE (Director of Catechism):
Johnson Vattamattathil 201-270-9360

Alvin Mukalel 346-702-9498

DIRECTOR: Fr. Joseph Thachara
COORDINATOR: Alvin Mukalel 346-702-9498
Angeline Thannichuvattil 832-898-8448
Elisha Vattamattathil 346-552-0961

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